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Internet Safety Tips for Secondary School Classes

You should:
  • Know that when you register at the web-sites, don't give out the personal information because it can be accessed by strangers. Just do not place your picture, giving thus unfamilliar people the idea of how you look.
  • Use the webcamera only when chatting with friends. Make sure that unfamilliar people are not able to see your conversation, because they can record it.
  • Know that unsolicited letters from strangers are called «Spam». If you received such a letter, do not reply. If you reply to this letter, the sender will know that you use your e-mail and will continue sending spam to you.
  • Know that if you received a letter from the unknown sender, it is better not to open one. Such letters may contain viruses.
  • Know that if you received an insulting letter, if someone behaves inappropriately with you, tell the grown ups.
  • Know that if you are frustrated or offended, tell the grown ups.
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