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Counteraction to distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Material in the world. INHOPE 2013
INHOPE members elect new President
A new president of INHOPE for a period of two years became a representative of the Latvian Hotline Agnese Krike.
INHOPE 2012 | Facts, Figures and Trends
The International Association of Internet Hotlines took the wraps off a set of infographics featuring statistics for the year 2012 and highlighting key findings.
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  Report  to..., if

  • You are exasperated by the on-line materials transgressing morality
  • You can not ignore crimes, committed on the Internet
  • You care about your children and what they can come across on the Internet

You can report to our Hotline Internet resources containing illegal material of sexual nature with children involved.

Safe Internet Usage

Virtual reality, as well as any other space has its “pros and cons”. The existence of on-line risks is as incontestable as the benefit and amusement brought by the Internet resources. Not only governmental agencies, but also Internet industry tend to keep a vigilant watch over the safety of Internet users. Nevertheless, the lack of information about online risks results in new victims every day.

That is why, especially for you, we have elaborated certain safety appliances consisting of Internet usage recommendations.

Our recommendations


Friendly Runet Foundation's Hotline has been created at the direct participation and works in close partnership with the Department "K" of the Russian ministry of Interior

         Department "K" of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation

Since May, 13th, 2009 Friendly Runet Foundation is a contact Hotline of the international association INHOPE

Since June, 2011 the "Friendly Runet Foundation" is a full member of the "League of Safe Internet" - the largest and most authoritative organisation in Russia on counteraction of distribution of a dangerous content in the worldnet

The Friendly Runet Foundation’s activity is supported by:

        The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

      The Security Council of the Russian Federation

      The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

    The Ministry of Telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federation

      The Federal Agency for press and mass communication

      The Federal Service on supervision in the sphere of communication, information technologies and mass communications

      The Federal Service of the Russian Federation on the control of drug trafficking

       Department of a family and youth policy of Moscow

     The Children's Ombudsman for the Russian Federation

 Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church



We will be glad to welcome the cooperation of new partners from Internet-industry and non-governmental associations representatives and everyone who is interested in making Runet a safe environment, friendly to all users.
Our partners


ЦАИР Сопротивление
Agava kaspersky


Российская Ассоциация Профсоюзных Организаций Студентов 

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