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Friendly Runet Foundation

Friendly Runet Foundation was established by «Internet Resources Research Center» and is supported by “Internet and Business” Association and other leading Internet-industry participants.

Friendly Runet Foundation’s objectives:

The main goal of our Foundation is contributing to the development of Internet as a safe environment, friendly to all its users.

Our Foundation supports various projects, related to safe Internet usage. The Foundation works in close collaboration with Russian Internet users, non-government organizations, trading companies and government agencies for the sake of counteraction to the illegal Internet content circulation and other unlawful activities Internet.

Friendly Runet Foundation also supports all sorts of scientific research in Internet technology sphere, assists in Internet legal development  and organizes various undertakings, strictly bounded with telecommunicational and technological improvement  of Internet.

One of the major projects of Friendly Runet Foundation is our Hotline, aimed at combating child pornography in the Internet.

The Hotline’s main goal is to purify Runet from illegal content and help users, Internet-industry and governmental authorities to fight the spread of illegal materials of sexual nature with children involved.

The main function of the Hotline is receiving and examining user’s messages about the child pornography found on the Internet and afterwards proceeding  the information to Russian Internet-companies and to law-enforcement  agencies.

The Foundation is actively supported by Internet the industry  and works in tight collaboration with government agencies. We are open for the new partners and will gratefully receive the aid of those, who are truly interested in the Runet future.

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