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Director general

The Foundation’s Director General is the permanent Foundation’s executing agency. Director General is appointed by the incorporator for the uncertain term after the founding and legal registration of the Foundation and signing up the labour contract.

Director General duties are:

  • coordinating the Foundation’s functioning, assuring its major goals’ achievement, and the realization of the Board of Founders and the Board of Trustees’ decisions.
  • acting on behalf of the Foundation without any proxy, representing its interests in the face of all government agencies, local government authorities, organizations and voluntary associations in all issues, concerning the Foundation’s activities on the territory of Russian Federation and outside, striking bargains.
  • managing Foundation’s finance and other and other assets in conformity with the Foundation budget, determined by the Board of Founders.
  • preparing, organizing and holding the Board of Founders’ and the Board of Trustees’ meetings.
  • hiring and firing Foundation’s staff.
  • appointing branch and offices’ directors, discussing the candidature of branch directors’ deputies, giving respective powers of attorney to branch and offices’ directors.
  • presenting, by the request of the Board of Founders and the Board of Trustees, any information, concerning the Foundation’s activities.
  • solving another problems concerning the Foundation’s activities and assuring its functioning, apart from those, connected with the Board of Founders’ and those that are in the Board’s terms of reference of the Board of Trustees.


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