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Department "K" of the Russian Ministry of Interior has summed up work on prevention of the distribution of child pornography

Results of work of the Friendly Runet Foundation's Hotline for the first half of the year 2010.

During the first half of the current year, Hotline of the Friendly Runet Foundation has received and processed 12305 reports on child pornography  from the Russian and foreign users of the Internet. 5701 of them are dealing with the distribution of the child sexual abuse materials. During the analysis of the given references it is revealed 5427 resources containing a content with signs of  child pornography: 4990 are located on the Russian segment of the Internet, and 437 — on foreign platforms.

At the mediation of the Friendly Runet Foundation's  Hotline the negative content from  4929 Russian and 206 foreign resources is removed.

Experts of the Department «K„of the Russian Ministry of Interior carry out the analysis of 140 resources on the presence of a crime structure. The information received as a result of the analysis, has formed the basis for initiating of 11 criminal cases under  art. 242, a part 1 «Manufacturing and distribution of materials or subjects with pornographic images of minors» of Penal Code.


Friendly Runet Foundation — according to the press-service of  the Department „K“ of the Russian Ministry of Interior    

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