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Success - Child Pornography/Child Sexual - cases from Russia

A well known file exchange networks has got in sight of cyber-policemen.

The Moscow suburbs get rid of child pornography

Moscow regional unit of department <K> of the Ministry of Interior of Russia have detected the facts of distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Materials  in a local network of the Internet provider situated near Moscow. Criminal cases are raised.

As it has been revealed by cyber-policemen, in December, 2009, in the file exchange networks of one of the Internet providers situated near Moscow some video-files of the pornographic content have been placed.

An access for users of a local network to a general view and downloading of files with signs of the pornographic content of CSAM had been opened by criminals.

It is established that the minor persons who are not older than 14 years have participated in some scenes.

During investigation, network requisites and actual addresses of offenders have been revealed.

In March, 2010 on the specified facts of distribution of pornographic materials with participation of minors, six criminal cases on art. 242, a part 1 <<Manufacturing and distribution of materials or subjects with pornographic images of minors>> of Penal Code are raised by one of the departments of the Moscow regional unit of the Ministry of Interior.


The season of hunting for distributors of child sexual abuse materials in Udmurtiya is opened

In February, 2010, at the initiative of Udmurt Republic unit of Department <K> investigatory bodies raised 7 criminal cases concerning distributors of Child Sexual Abuse Materials.

In January, 2010, employees of Department <K> of the Udmurt Republic, during private verifying purchase, have copied video-clips with pornographic content with images of minors in a P2P network of one of known Internet providers. According to expert’s opinions, the age of female participants are 14−17 years old in the presented video-files.

Images contain obviously and cynically obscene form of sexual behavior of the person in the form of scenes heterosexual and oral sex.

As it has been established by the experts, the extended information has no any literary, art or scientific value.

In February, 2010 at the initiative of Department <K> of the Udmurt Republic region, 7 criminal cases concerning distributors of a child pornography in the Internet  are raised by investigatory bodies on the art. 242, a part 1 of the Criminal code — <<Manufacturing and distribution of materials or subjects with pornographic images of minors>>.

Age of criminals is from 23 till 35 years. Thus three from them have the higher, and one — not finished higher education.


Penza cyber-policemen neutralized network of porn dealers

A well known file exchange networks has got in sight of cyber-policemen.

In February, 2010 during carrying out of investigation actions by Department <K> of the Penza area, the facts of distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Materials on a local network of well known file exchange service have been revealed.

As cyber-policemen have established, criminals had granted to a general public an access to viewing and downloading  files with pornographic content with participation of minor persons. In all cases cyber-policemen have found strong reasons for prosecution of criminals.

On the facts of distribution of pornographic materials with participation of minors three criminal cases on art. 242, a part 1 of the Criminal code —  <<Manufacturing and distribution of materials or subjects with pornographic images of minors>> are raised by investigatory bodies.


The Russian users send more and more reports on child sexual abuse materials on the Internet

The quantity of reports which are sent by the Russian users to the Friendly Runet's Hotline has increased significantly.

For comparison, for 12 months of 2009, the hotline processed about 9 700 reports mostly from Russian users. At intermediary of the Friendly Runet the content from approximately 3300 resources (web sites or content from separate pages) was removed.

Thus for 5 months of 2010, 10700 reports on child pornography have being processed by the Hotline. The content from 4800 resources is removed.

Increasing numbers of incoming reports resulted from a growth of awareness of the Russian users about the hotline and increase of their intolerance towards  the materials containing child sexual abuse scenes.

Simultaneously, the considerable quantity of the resource closers — is a general merit of the Internet industry, public organizations and the state agencies.

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