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Child porno dealer is detained in Murmansk area (Russia)

A staff of the Department "K" of the Russian Ministry of Interior together with their colleges from Murmansk regional unit of department "K" stopped illegal activity of the criminal who was engaged in the distribution of child sexual abuse materials via the Internet.

23 — years old criminal, the economist by training, was the employee of one of the state organizations. He considered his salary insufficient, and once, during viewing of announcements on the Internet, he came to the conclusion to start getting easy money: having bought pornographic materials with the participation of minors for 2000 rubles (50 Euro), he has begun to sale them at higher price — from 2900 (72 euro) to 3300 rubles (82 euro).  Production assortment replenished quickly, and for some months the porno-dealer has got extensive base of a photo-and video materials.

Communicating with potential buyers under a pseudonym, the young man called them for care: <Do not be so silly, do not leave personal data. No transfer any materials by e-mail!>;

To all people wishing to buy a pornography the criminal sent preview trailers and account numbers of electronic payment systems for transferring payment. Having cashed, he sent to clients access passwords to files.

During detention, the porno-dealer tried to give <grateful> evidences, approving, that he did not sell a child pornography for the purpose of profit, but on the contrary, he was the active fighter for morals on the Internet. As he said, he simply wished to punish the client, having placed once on the network the ads of child pornography, and after getting  money he didn't send the materials paid.

However this version has failed after the experts of Department  <K> have studied the content of the detainee's computer. Investigators have obtained clear evidence of participation of the young man in distribution of a child pornography and extracting the profit from that illegal business.

On the given fact, the criminal case was initiated  on the  signs of the crime, providing responsibility under item 242.1 of The criminal code of the Russian Federation (<Manufacturing and distribution of the child sexual abuse materials>)

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